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Newsletter September 2018

St Timothy’s Primary School Newsletter

September 2018



This is our first monthly newsletter of the year and I am sure the summer holidays now feel like a distant memory.  It is great to see all of our pupils in St. Timothy’s Primary looking so smart in their uniforms and I must say a big thank you to you for the effort and expense you have put into this!

Our Primary One pupils are already in school from 9am to 3pm.  They have already settled very well and I am sure they will continue to do so.

As usual this is another very busy school year for us and the calendar with important dates for you has already been given out.  If you did not receive one you can contact the school office and we can give you another one.


School Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored in school as they adversely affect your child’s progress and late coming also disrupts lessons for all of our pupils.  To avoid congestion at the office in the morning a member of the management team will record the names of the pupils who are late in the school hall.  Please make an effort getting your child to school every day on time to avoid the upset children can feel when they are late and also ease the disruption caused to the rest of the class’ learning. Appointments should be kept until after school hours except when absolutely necessary and appointment cards/letters must be presented to the school office.


Children absent from school:

If your child is absent from school you should phone the Glasgow School’s Absence line on the following number: 0141 287 0039.  You have also been given out an information sheet about how to contact the Absence Line online.

Parent Council Annual General Meeting


The AGM of the Parent council will take place in the school hall on Monday 10th September from 6.00 – 7.30pm.  All parents/carers are welcome to attend.  The parent council are always looking for new members to join.  We must say a big thank to them for purchasing our new sound system at a cost of over £2500 and for donating £2100 towards books for library which will be opened in Term 2 (Oct – Dec)


Parking at the school entrances

I would ask for all parents/carers cooperation when dropping children off/picking them up by car not park on the pavements or on the yellow zig zag lines.  The safety of our pupils is a priority for everyone. We have already had a number of parents/carers contact the Police over this issue.  The Police have been out at the school but will do spot checks throughout the year.


Birthday Cakes/Treats

Whilst it is a lovely gesture to bring in a cake or treat for the rest of the class when it is your child’s birthday unfortunately, due to food allergies, this is not allowed.  This is to make sure that children with allergies do not eat something they shouldn’t.



Please remember to check your child’s hair on a regular basis to ensure they have not caught head lice.  This will ensure that the spread of lice to another child is minimal.


Gym Days

Please remember that no jewellery should be worn during gym sessions and we are not allowed to put plasters over earrings.  It may be easier if your child does not wear jewellery on gym days.


Parents/Carers in Playgrounds

No parents/carers should enter any of the playgrounds in the mornings. All parents/carers dropping children off in the infant playground should stand at the top gates and not come down to the bottom gate to allow our pupils easy access to the playground. At 3pm parents/carers of pupils in P1 – 3 may stand behind the yellow line in the infant playground.  No parents should approach the teachers at 3pm.  If you wish to speak with a teacher you can, phone the school, drop in to the office or give your child a note for the class teacher and you will be given a suitable appointment.


Dates for your diary


Monday 10th September – Friday 14th September – Maths Week. Pupils will be engaged in learning about maths in different contexts – outdoor learning, social studies, art and sports.

Monday 10th September – Dance Club for P4 – 7 pupils with Miss Robertson and Miss McNulty (4 weeks)

Tuesday 11th September – Dance Team practising with Miss McDonnell (4 weeks)

Wednesday 12th September – P4a and P4b begin Determined to Dance Programme in school for six weeks with dance specialist.

Tuesday 18th September – P1a and P1b will have their photograph taken for the Evening Times newspaper

Tuesday 18th September – Mini Kickers for P3 pupils who have been told they have a place from 3 – 4pm(4 weeks)

Wednesday 19th September – Curriculum Evening for parents/carers in school hall from 6.30 – 7.30pm.  Letter to follow soon.


Friday 21st and Monday 24th September – School holidays


Students of the Month for August


Congratulations to our Students of the month who have displayed rights respecting behaviours:

P1a – Hope Stewart and Alan Majdecki

P1b – Lily McMahon and Jay Burrell

P2a – John Bryan and Eoghan O’Donnell

P2b – Rhys Thorpe and Emily Smith

P3a - Ava Carroll and Aaron Ting

P3b – Kiera Gilmour and Matthew Morrison

P4a – Ava McCabe and Blair Haughie

P4b – Michal Krakowiak and Ellie Marshall

P5a – Aidan Shannon and Brooke Murphy

P5b – Miley Mallon and Daryn Rafferty

P5/6 – Chloe Boyce and Jamie-Rhys Jordan

P6a – Mustafa Ali and Anna Koffie

P6b – Iain Pickering and Brooke Hooper

P7a – Caden Turnbull and Amy Moore

P7b – Lilly Cassidy and Luke Scholes



E Muir