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Scottish Catholic Education Service

Scottish Catholic Education Service


The mission of the Catholic school is to develop as a community of faith and learning, providing

the highest quality of education, and offering formation through the promotion of Gospel values,

through celebration and worship, and through service to the common good.


All Catholic schools in Scotland, in honouring Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life,

will feature the following characteristics:

? a commitment to the integrated education and formation of the whole person, in close

partnership with parents as the first educators of their children;

? an inclusive ethos which aims to honour the life, dignity and voice of each person, made in

the image of God;

? a commitment to the search for wisdom in life and to the pursuit of excellence, through the

development of each person’s unique God-given talents;

? a commitment to the spiritual formation of the school community, through the shared

experience of prayer and liturgy, and in partnership with local parishes;

? the provision of religious education programmes which will enable young people to develop

their understanding of Gospel values and of how to apply them to life;

? a commitment to uphold the moral teaching, faith tradition and sacramental life of the

Catholic Church;

? a commitment to communicate Catholic social teaching and thereby to promote social

justice and opportunity for all;

? a commitment to ecumenical action and the unity of Christians;

? the promotion of respect for different beliefs and cultures and for inter-faith dialogue;

? a commitment to support the continuing professional and spiritual development of staff.


All staff appointed to a Catholic school are expected to support and promote the

aims, mission, values and ethos of the school, as illustrated in this Charter.