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Newsletter November 2018

St Timothy’s Primary School Newsletter

November 2018

‘Learning together, learning forever’



Fabulous Donation for Chill Zone for Pupils

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ian and Sylvia Kerr who have donated £2000 towards the creating a Chill Zone area in our school so that children have the opportunity for a quiet space when it is needed.  Ian and Sylvia donated £1000 to the school last year to create our Zen Den which supports children after interval.  These areas help us support the health and wellbeing of our pupils.


Jump Up Transition Programme

Our transition programme will run again this year with the first visit to the stage taking place at the end of November. On this afternoon the pupils will spend a little time in a class which is the next stage up. The teacher will talk to them about any anxieties they may have over work etc. and all of the classes will be introduced to a story which they will continue with over the next 2 sessions.  The reason for this programme is that after talking to some of our pupils about their learning they said one of their worries was moving class.  Hopefully by the end of the third session in term 4 our pupils will feel comfortable about moving onto the next stage in their education.


Enrolment Week Monday 5th – Friday 9th November

If your child is due to begin school in August 2017  you should  enrol them this week by going online with a search of ‘GCC Primary Enrolment’ or similar and this will take you straight to page.  If you have any problems doing so please contact the school.


Learning about Scotland

During the month of November all classes will have a Social Studies focus on Scotland.  It is important that our pupils learn about their country and develop a sense of pride in it.  The topics range from Scottish Inventors  to the Scottish Parliament.

On Friday 30th November, St. Andrew’s Day, the classes will get together at a Scottish Assembly and celebrate by performing songs and poems. Your child can wear something tartan on this day if they wish – e.g. a ribbon, kilt, bow tie. This assembly will be repeated on Friday 25th January at 1.30pm for parents/carers to enjoy.  A letter will be sent out nearer the time.


Football Team Centenary Mass


I would like to thank all of the football team members who attended Mass on Saturday morning at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow.  We joined a number of other school with football teams in the Catholic School’s League to celebrate 100 years f Catholic Education.  I

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Woods, one of our parents, who is helping to coach the team this year, giving freely of his own time.  Without this type of support it would be very difficult to run the school team!


Children absent from school

If your child is absent from school you should phone the Glasgow School’s Absence line on the following number: 0141 287 0039.  This is part of new procedures which have been introduced in all schools.



Please remember to check your child’s hair on a regular basis to ensure they have not caught head lice.  This will ensure that the spread of lice to another child is minimal.


Nut allergies

As a number of pupils in our school have nut allergies I ask all parents/carers not to give your child a snack containing nuts. Thank you for your cooperation.


Birthday Cakes/Treats

Whilst it is a lovely gesture to bring in a cake or treat for the rest of the class when it is your child’s birthday unfortunately, due to food allergies, this is not allowed.  This is to make sure that children with allergies do not eat something they shouldn’t and to promote a healthy lifestyle.


After School Clubs


This term we are offering Supported Study Clubs for numeracy for all classes.  A letter has already been sent out and clubs are starting this week.  We will be offering a parent and child fitness club, with the availability of a crèche for weeks from the end of November. A letter will go out soon with more information.  Finally we will be offering ICT sessions for parents, with a crèche available, during November and December on Keeping Your Child Safe online, Our Digital Footprint, iPad overview/ Digital Posters, Presenting with Keynotes and iMovie. More details will follow soon.


Dates for your diary

Wednesday 6th November – Reading/Drama workshop for P7a and P7b in school

Wednesday 14th November – Sense over Sectarianism workshops for P7a and P7b with Thorntree Primary

Tuesday 20th November – P7a and P7b to visit St. Andrew’s all morning for English/Social Studies lessons

Friday 30th November – P7a and P7b to St. Andrew’s Cathedral for Centenary Mass

Friday 30th November – Scottish Assembly for all pupils



Students of the Month


Congratulations to our Students of the month who have displayed rights respecting behaviours:

P1a Brody Carroll and Molly Boyle

P1b Olivia Markle and David Spanier

P2a Jude Beaton and Orla Henaghen

P2b Maci Scott and Glory Mabunda

P3a Aston Steele and Emily Bell

P3a Conor Kinnaird and Cadee Clark

P4a Kelvin Gijo and Nieve Gaughan

P4b Alexx Machin and James Lafferty

P5a Amy Hunter and Lee McLaughlin

P5b Summer Toal and Matthew McCulloch

P5/6 Orlaith Johnston and Colleen Heron

P6a Joshua Dosanj and Senaria Kadir

P6b Daniel Kelly and Hawraa Alghanem

P7a Jack Kennedy and Heather Speirs

P7b Diego Nwaeke and Amy Millican



E Muir